Mid-Atalantic UA Adopts Sector 3!!

A Mid-Atlantic cluster is psyched to announce that we will be working in
Sector 3 in solidarity with the RNC Welcoming Comittee’s call to disrupt the Republican National Convention!

In a time when this country is focusing on the rhetoric of “change” we
believe that as anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and radicals, the
electoral spectacle must not pass without a voice speaking up LOUD for
REAL FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE. The fundamental structures of oppression in our
culture must be addressed, not just the face of the administration (a
superficial placation). Our aim is not to confront the Republicans alone,
but the entirety of the electoral system. Amidst this celebration of the
top down politics of alienation and disempowerment, we will be there to
say “hell nah! Our politics are the politics of cooperation, community,
respect for each other, our animal friends, and our planet. These are the
politics of the future.”

The blockade strategy is going to be most effective if all of the ground
in St. Paul is covered. With three entrances to the Xcel center, Sector 3 is
crucial ground. We have by no means excluded the probability that there are other Affinity Groups and Clusters organizing from the Mid-Atlantic and we would love to take
this opportunity to meet, network and organize with each other. We’d also
like to invite clusters of any variety, from any locality who are
interested in autonomous coordinated direct action to join us in Sector 3
to show the world the power we have when working non-hierarchically to
accomplish our goals.

If you are part of a group or cluster looking to join the blockade
strategy in sector 3, please e-mail (non sensitive info only please!)
<a href=”mailto:ua.midatlantic@gmail.com”ua.midatlantic@gmail.com, so we can begin to organize, coordinate, and make friends.

We are also calling for a Mid-Atlantic spokescouncil on August 17th at 2pm
in Baltimore, MD at a location to be announced.

Let’s reclaim space, blockade the city, and open up anyone who’s watching
to the possibility that whole other worlds are possible! RNC, we’ve got
you surrounded motherfuckers!


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